How the awards work

If you haven’t attended an awards ceremony before you might be wondering how it all works. We are here to answer those questions for you.

When you register you will attach Worksafe images with your submission. Once we approve your profile it will go live on our site. Fans can then vote for you daily so make sure you tweet and message your fans asking them to vote for you. It’s 100% free to enter The Glamourazzis and is also free to vote too. It only takes a click for fans to support their favourite models and creators.

With your permission, we will also use your attached images (and any others you choose to send us to to promote you on social media. There will also be various photo opportunities in the run up to the awards and days where you can network with other industry creatives.

When voting closes in October (Date TBA) we will count up all the votes and those voted highest by their fans will be announced the winners at the awards. All entrants qualify for free guestlist and can attend the awards ceremony and enjoy a night of partying, pose for photos on the red carpet and our winners can come up on stage and collect your trophy. We will be publishing a list of winners afterwards on our website with follow up interviews.

We’ll be publishing a video on this soon which you can share with your friends. Feel free to e-mail any questions to the email above or dm us on our page

The Glamourazzi Awards