Register As A Model For The Glamourazzi Awards

Welcome to the Glamourazzis!

We are now taking registrations from models and creators. We strive for diversity and welcome applications from all types of creators. All applicants will be promoted heavily across social media and we aim to connect you with a wider audience and help you create new connections and business opportunities. The demand for online meetings and business has never been higher, but you can’t beat face to face networking for forging connections and we will be presenting you with opportunities on the night to meet other brands, business owners, creators and benefit from photos and videography on the red carpet. 

Here are some things you might be wondering:

Press the pink register button then fill out all fields in the form. You will need to add high quality images and ensure all information is accurate. Please upload work safe images only, no topless shots please, we will be using your images to promote you  on social media. Once your application is approved it will be live on the site. 

JPEG of JPG is the preferred photo format, but PNG will also be accepted.

Try to optimise your files to be 1024 pixels on the longest edge, this is the optimum file dimension. The system will automatically resize photos.

One thing to be aware of is that if your photos are too large the system resizing may not be optimum for quality when resining them.

Ideal Specs:

Main profile photo
Vertical orientation 1024 x 683 pixels.

Profile header photo
Horizontal orientation 1024 x 550 pixels (approximately).

Gallery Photos
1024 pixels on longest edge.

If you application was rejected this may be due to low quality images or missing information. Your photographs were inappropriate. You can DM us on so we can help you rectify this issue.

If you have entered yourself into an incorrect category we may move you to one that’s more appropriate if more applicable.

You can enter unto three categories, there are several boxes attached after your first category to select from.

If you have a small following then you should definitely enter The Glamourazzis as we will help you build your following.

You will win the title of best in your category, a trophy and we will publicise all our winners and set up interviews within our networks.